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Rice-Stuffed Chicken With Raisins #ChickenWorld


For gatherings and lunch, this is a tasty and easy dish for busy housewife


3 cups white long grain rice
¼ cup butter or oil
¼ cup pine nuts
¼ cup almonds, halved
¼ cup raisins
2 medium pieces onion, chopped
¼ cup parsley, chopped
¼ cup dill, chopped
2 teaspoon mixed spices
2 ½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon black pepper
½ teaspoon cinnamon
4 cups water
1 kilograms whole chicken


(1) Rinse rice well, soak in salted water for 20 minutes.

(2) In medium saucepan. Heat butter, add pine nuts. Cook until golden, remove pine nuts from butter. Repeat strips with almonds and raisins.

(3) Using the same butter, cook onion until golden. Add parsley and dill, mix on low heat until roasted.
In small bowl, mix spices, seasoning and cinnamon. Mix well; add half the spices mix to the onions. Set rest aside.

(4) Add water, let boil. Strain rice, add to saucepan. Let boil on medium heat. Cover and lower heat. Leave until rice absorbs water. Remove half the amount of rice for stuffing. Cover and let remaining rice cook until tender.

(5) Heat oven to 170 degrees C, prepare an open bag.

(6) Clean and wash chicken well, spread remaining spices inside and outside the chicken. Stuff the chicken with the rice. Use a thread to close the openings in the chicken.

(7) Place stuffed chicken in oven bag, close as directed on the package.

(8) Cook chicken for 45 minutes or until golden.

(9) Serve the rest of the rice, place chicken on top, serve with cucumber and yoghurt salad.

(10) Serves 4 persons.

Note: When cooking in the oven, always watch what you are cooking to avoid burnt food.


  1. The stuff chicken makes my tummy rumble and it's easy to prepare too.

  2. Have never tried stuffing it with rice and chicken, gusto ko yung lemon grass.

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