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Chicken is the main meat in the diet of most meat eaters since it is less costly than other sorts of meats and since it may be cooked in so many different methods. Frying is possibly the most recognized technique of them all for cooking chicken but there are numerous others including roasting, jerking, barbequing and baking.

Particularly for an individual mindful of the fat and cholesterol that fried chicken can contain, these other ways are really good choices nevertheless the one we will focus on mainly is baking.

Required Tools:

Paper towel
Sharp knife (optional)
Baking dish/roasting pan
Meat thermometer
Required Materials
Whole chicken cut into smaller parts/chicken breasts
Fresh or dried herbs (oregano, thyme, tarragon or rosemary)
Olive oil
Marinade (optional)
Seasoning of your choice


(1) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit; if you are using a whole chicken, get rid of the giblets in the inner hollow and then wash the chicken thoroughly with water. If you choose to slice the chicken into smaller portions, go ahead and do that now with a sharp knife; next pat the chicken dry using the paper towel and season the chicken thoroughly using the salt, pepper, herbs and any other seasoning you choose.

(2) Put the chicken in the baking dish/roasting pan and wipe it with the olive oil and marinade (if you choose to use it). You may additionally add herbs of your choice to the top of the chicken for added flavor and trimmings.
Put the baking dish/roasting pan into the oven with the chicken in it and leave it uncovered; bake the chicken at 350 degrees for 1-1½ hours or until it is golden brown and thoroughly cooked throughout.
To be positive the meat is cooked push the meat thermometer into the fattest section of the chicken; if the temperature shows 170 degrees or higher then the chicken can be removed from the oven. Another method to check if the chicken is cooked is to use a sharp knife and slice the fattest section of the chicken; if it is cooked the meat will not be pink and the juices running out of the chicken will be transparent.

(3) You can now serve the chicken by itself or with anything you desire; if you used a whole chicken let it to cool for 10 minutes before carving it. For a whole meal serve it with rice or mashed potatoes and peas or corn.

Tips and Warnings:

It is crucially essential that the chicken is properly cooked before you consume, partially cooked chicken can result in food poisoning and deadly parasites.

Be certain to clean all surface which the raw chicken touches including your hands to avoid contaminating other foods and utensils with any bacteria that can be on the chicken; soap and water will typically be sufficient but you can use a mixture of bleach or some other cleaning agent with water to make sure of a in depth clean.

To cut the rawness of the chicken cut a lemon in half and wipe it all over the chicken before you cook it; you may furthermore rub the chicken with vinegar, inside and out if it is a whole chicken. If you don’t mind the added sourness you can leave it as is, if you do mind, just cleanse the chicken again.

There are a couple variations of baked chicken available including baked sweet and sour chicken, baked chicken in mango sauce, or curry flavored baked chicken. If you want to try any of these variations you may look up a couple of the recipes available online.

Source: Barbara Baddox