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Love Chicken? Heres How To Choose The Best Recipe

Unless youre someone who does not eat meat, this read is for you. In the following sections, we will delve a bit deeper into why people should choose chicken over other types of meat and how you can select the perfect chicken recipe to serve at the dinner table.

Why Choose Chicken as Your Main Source of Protein?

First, why should you choose chicken over other types of meat? It is one of the most versatile meats available in the market today. In terms of the way that it can be cooked, there are hundreds of varieties of delicious chicken recipes to choose from. There’s the famous fried chicken which everyone has a recipe for. Chicken soup is perfect during particularly gloomy days or you can have some when you're sick. You can also prepare it in dozens of ways including grilling, roasting, boiling or poaching. To vary the taste of the meat, simply use different herbs and spices to make chicken even more sumptuous.

More than just the deliciousness of the meat itself, there are a also plenty of reasons why it pays to choose chicken as your main source of protein. Take a look at the following list:

A 4-ounce serving of chicken will give you more than 70% of your recommended daily allowance for protein. The same serving size contains only 187 calories and lots of vitamins and minerals.

The breast which is the leanest part of the chicken has less saturated fat than beef. Just be careful when using the skin of the meat because it does contain double the amount of fat.

Chicken meat provides plenty of health benefits including protecting older individuals against bone problems; it has Niacin which is a cancer-protective type of vitamin; it protects against cognitive decline thats age-related; and has B vitamins for more energy. This is just a partial list of the multitude of benefits brought about by eating chicken there are plenty of others due to the vitamin-packed content of the meat itself.

Selecting the Perfect Chicken Recipe

Now, how are you supposed to select the perfect chicken recipe? Whether you are dining alone, cooking with friends or preparing a meal for the entire family, there are many chicken recipes from your mom or your grandmother that you can follow. Whether its fried chicken with savory gravy or a complex recipe for stuffed whole chicken, you can spend some time in the kitchen to prepare such dishes.

Aside from using the meat of chicken as an entree, you can also use the broth for soups, cut slices of the meat for your salad, or use its meat to flavor a dip when serving snacks. If you're having a barbecue night, you can even skewer chicken wings, thighs or legs on the grill which you can dress with herbs to give it that mouth watering aroma.

As you can see, there are a multitude of ways to prepare good old chicken meat. If you haven't already mastered a chicken recipe which you can cook when guests are coming over, now's the best time to learn!