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How to Ensure Your Meat with Chicken or Steak Rub is Perfectly Prepared?

Preparing chicken or steak rub? Make sure you follow the right steps for perfectly preparing it. If it is for your personal use then you are free to decide on any taste you will like. To ensure you achieve the best out of your steak rub consider the following tips when preparing the steak or chicken.

The chicken or steak rub is very important for the steak you are going to prepare. Remember it will determine the taste that you get after grilled. When deciding on the rubs especially if it is for your dinner consider the taste of all your friends or family members. It will not turn out well when using a rub that will put some members off. It will just spoil the mood of the dinner for no good reason. Avoid a bitter combination if your friends or family cannot manage bitter flavors.

1. Apply the rub earlier

For your steak to have proper spread of the rub it is advisable to rub it before setting it on the grill. It will be a big mistake if you try to rub the steak when you have already it on the grill. You risk pouring the rub on the gills which may stick and give you hard times when washing. Also, applying the rub while the meat is on the grill you risk of spreading the rub unevenly which will lead to poor steak during serving.

2. The quality of the meat.

The quality of the chicken or steak you prepare will largely depend on the choice of your meat. Some suppliers tend to sell poor quality meat. To ensure your steak is not at a risk of being spoiled by the bad meat, do some research. Get to know which supplier is selling the best meat. Ask people around you who bought from the different suppliers and consider their opinions. Poor meat can result from poor storage facilities at meat supplier .While at the supplier get to know the condition of the storage facility. You may not be accurate in deciding on the best supplier, but in case it happens that you pick poor quality once try other suppliers next time to avoid the repeat. Bad meat will be a great loss because you will have incurred expenses in buying the meat and the rub that you would have applied on it only to taste at the table and find it not suitable for consumption.

3. Type of grills

Some grills like gas grills will tend to add gas flavor to your meat. To avoid this flavor try charcoal it can be the best choice if you have a problem with the gas flavor. The drawback is that it is a bit slow. If you are in a hurry to finish, preparing your steak rib rubs due to time factor, maybe it is too late in the night. Gas grill is the best option as it will roast the meat very fast. Charcoal can take a lot of time setting up the fire .You may prefer the smell of the steak over coal, in this case you have to prepare using coal grill in order to enjoy your steak preparation.